A look at the media’s perspective covering the Rittenhouse case

NOW: A look at the media’s perspective covering the Rittenhouse case

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has captured the attention of media outlets across the country.

CBS 58 spoke to several members of the media who provided their perspective on covering cases like this.

News sources both big and small gathered right outside the Kenosha County Courthouse. They were waiting for the verdict and to share the newest updates with the public.

“The waiting game is the worst part of it but it’s part of the process,” said Matt Skica with Illinois Standing Against Tyranny.

He also told CBS 58 he was curious to see what would happen with the amount of media exposure at the courthouse.

Ryan Covert with Top Shelf Butler News said he provided coverage in a similar circumstance in Pennsylvania.

“The citizens took to the street, a lot of them with AR-15s, to you know, combat and protect the city from a Black Lives Matter protest. And I thought it was important for people to see, you know, firsthand on what could have happened that day. Any one of our fellow townsmen could have been in that situation right now,” explained Covert.

Some reporters say with so many voices in the crowd, they just want to do their job.

“I’ve been to the inauguration of Joe Biden. I’ve been to some big events. The biggest thing for me is being unbiased. Just trying to be fair and firm down the middle and trying to show people so they can make up their own minds,” added Covert.

Some independent media members say people are having productive conversations.

“Both sides have been coming together, handing pizza to each other, cookies earlier,” said Phillip, a member of the independent media.

“There’s unity up there, even though you see them yelling and stuff like that back and forth. When the cameras are off they are getting along pretty well,” said Covert.

Media members say they will continue their coverage until a verdict comes down.

Deliberations will start again Friday at 9 a.m.

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