A growing trend in gun insurance

More and more people are buying guns, but are you protected if something happens? Gun insurance is becoming more popular.

\"We got our first gun a few years ago and I tried shooting it a few times and I really didn't like shooting it. It was loud and scary,\" said Suzy Zahorick.

Zahorick isn't scared of guns anymore. She bought the gun for protection.

\"My husband is gone half the time, he travels. So I'm home alone with the kids. I feel safe having a gun,\" said Zahorick.

More women are buying guns, and they are opting to buy gun insurance.

\"Our largest demographic of growing members is women,\" said President and CEO of Delta Defense Tim Schmidt. Delta Defense offers an insurance that provides coverage for people and their weapons. If a person, who legally owns a gun, shoots someone in self-defense, his team steps in.

\"We're going to help you find a good self-defense second amendment attorney, give you money for bail, and up to 1.1 million dollars to protect your rightful act,\" said Schmidt.

Membership overall has grown by 25% in the last year. Right now, they have 80,000 members nationwide.

\"Over the last three years we have grown by 370%,\" said Schmidt.

Mike Forrester and his wife are both members.

\"It's like driving a car without insurance or owning a home without insurance. You have to have it because it's the what-if,\" said Forrester.

Several homeowners insurance does not cover you if you shoot someone in self-defense. The coverage Delta Defense offers will cover you if you shoot someone in self-defense even if it isn't in your home.

For more information on Delta Defense, you can log onto DeltaDefense.com

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