'A godsend': Hayat Pharmacy gives away free cans of baby formula for families in need

’A godsend’: Hayat Pharmacy gives away free cans of baby formula for families in need

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- As the baby formula shortage continues, hundreds of cars lined up outside Hayat Pharmacy Tuesday, June 14, where workers passed out free cans. 

Cars started lining up about 8 a.m. The pharmacy, along with Capri Communities and the Milwaukee Diaper Mission, purchased 1,000 cans of Similac formula. 

"I've been looking for formula for about 3-4 months already since it was contaminated," Elizabeth Banuelos said.

Each parent got one can per baby, along with diapers and hand sanitizer. 

"It's tragic. How could something so essential to life have a shortage," Kim Irwin said.

Kim Irwin with Capri Communities said it was a no brainer to help with the donations.

"The fact that you see the turn out here, all these people coming to get one can of baby food. What we're delivering today will provide 30,000 infant servings which is significant, but it's just a drop in the bucket for the need that's out there," she said.

The organizations spent weeks finding the cans of formula. 

 "We were able to find 25 cans here, 25 cans there," Hayat Pharmacy president Tamir Kaloti said."

Parents say they're just happy to get their hands on some, as they all struggle to find formula in stores. 

"The struggle is...oh my God it's like my grandchildren they need some milk and everywhere you call it's like no milk, no milk, no milk, so this was a godsend for me," said Betty Burmester, grandmother. 

Hayat Pharmacy will continue to pass out all 1,000 cans until they run out. 

The organizations say if they can get their hands on more formula, they hope to do another giveaway in the very near future. 

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