A former Miss Wisconsin USA steps in to host after others dump Trump

A former Miss Wisconsin USA steps in to host after others dump Trump

Alex Wehrley, a former Miss Wisconsin USA, has decided to step in to host Miss USA Pageant. Republican and presidential candidate Donald Trump is co-owner of the pageant. Trump rustled up some new talent and convinced the Reelz Channel to air the Pageant, which airs on July 12.

The announcement was made on late Tuesday.

\"They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They are rapist and some I assume are good people,” Trump said during his presidential run announcement.

Trumps slurs over Mexican immigrants started a backlash against the Miss USA Pageant.

A long list of sponsors decided to cut ties with him and the NBC network along with Univision.

People in Wisconsin think Wehrley shouldn’t have accepted the job.

“It's risky. I think, no matter what. when you make a choice like that you have to understand the good with the bad,” said Kim Smessaert.

While everyone agrees the gig is going make her a well-known, some think it was a poor choice.

“I'm sure her name is going to get out there. I guess it's um, well, where she stands morally - depending on her stance politically as well\" Becky Cofta said.

Roberto Hernandez, says that as an immigrant and Hispanic he is offended.

\"In my opinion, she shouldn't of done it. She should of said no\"

CBS58 reached out to Wehrley, however she said:  “I’m not doing interviews at this time, but I promise I’ll get in touch if/when I am.”

Her agency did not return our request for a statement.

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