"The yearbook is tainted:" Senior quote out of Wauwatosa West High School yearbook is causing controversy

NOW: “The yearbook is tainted:“ Senior quote out of Wauwatosa West High School yearbook is causing controversy

A senior quote from the Wauwatosa West High School yearbook has generated controversy on social media.

The student's quote reads:

"Me: Why did you do it? 

J: Cause I was bored and she kinda cute.

Me: Same tho @eastgirls."

Amanda Terlizzi, a 2012 Wauwatosa West High School graduate, was upset when she saw it in her younger sister's yearbook.

"I understand there are different interpretations, but for me the 'Why did you do it? Because I was bored and she was cute,' that is easily taken with a negative connotation," Terlizzi said.

Terlizzi reacted to the quote online and reached out to the Wauwatosa School District, but said she did not get a response.

The Wauwatosa School District later released this statement:

"After reviewing agreed that the quote should not have been included and that any comments that have unclear meanings or that leave room for negative interpretation or suggestions, are not appropriate and should not have been published."

The district apologized for the mistake and said an additional layer of review for next year's senior quotes has been added. 

"It was just a joke but not appropriate for a yearbook," Terlizzi said. "The yearbook is tainted."  

Terlizzi said she is not trying to hunt down the student, but rather raise awareness.

"Seeing it in my little sister's yearbook as she is going off to college where rape and sexual assault happens pretty frequently -- especially under the influence of drugs or alcohol or anything like that -- is something I never want any girl to feel like is okay," Terlizzi said. 

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