HAWS expanding Mod Squad program for shelter animals

NOW: HAWS expanding Mod Squad program for shelter animals

On Thursday, June 22, the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County welcomed a representative from a Minnesota animal shelter that has created their own behavior modification program, modeled after the groundbreaking and very successful Mod Squad program begun at HAWS in 2009.

To date, HAWS' Mod Squad program has saved the lives of nearly 1,500 dogs.

Great River Rescue in Bemidji, Minnesota began their Mod Squad about 3 years ago with the direction of Dr. Claudeen McAuliffe, the architect of HAWS' Behavior Department and Mod Squad program.

Ethan Larson, Mod Squad Coordinator at GRR, is looking to improve their program, and explore best practices with his in-person visit to HAWS. 

This is about improving the quality of life for animals who might have to wait awhile before getting adopted.

Sure they covers the basics like sit, down and stay.

But this is also about addressing their emotional needs.

"We also teach them about handling," explained Dr. McAuliffe. "Feeling safe when people do check their of their teeth and ears."

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