"I don't hate you, but I am hurt:" Alderwoman speaking out after crash involving stolen car kills cousin

NOW: “I don’t hate you, but I am hurt:“ Alderwoman speaking out after crash involving stolen car kills cousin

A Milwaukee alderwoman is speaking exclusively to CBS 58. She wants justice in the deadly crash that killed her cousin.

Milwaukee police believe they know who was driving the stolen Audi that hit and killed a father of three.

Alderwoman Chantia Lewis spoke only to CBS 58 about the investigation. She said she had no intention of making it public that her cousin was the man killed on 13th and Greenfield last week. But she is now, hoping it will help Milwaukee police catch the person they're looking for, and give her family some closure. 

Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis speaks directly to whoever stole the Audi, t-boned her cousin on 13th and Greenfield, and killed him. 

"I don't hate you, but I am hurt."

Lewis says 47-year-old Phillip Franklin was working to provide for four children.

"He loved his kids, very cool, laughed and was about taking care of his family. He was on his way home from work."

That includes a daughter who says she was at home that night and felt the moment her father died.

"They stole the car, and they were driving recklessly and then you left, you fled the scene. What really got me is this was purposeful and the mere fact that they came back to the car because they left something and then left, but left my cousin sitting there in the car and did not assist. That's inhumane."

Lewis says even that inhumanity hasn't hardened her heart or changed her stance on how Milwaukee should deal with criminals. 

"There still needs to be preventative measures in place. This does not harden my heart to say my cousin is dead we should lock everyone up. Should you get repercussions, absolutely."

Lewis says her family can only find closure with the community's help.

"I am just left feeling helpless and speechless. I am asking the community if you know something if you see something let us know so police can catch them."

Milwaukee Police say they know who was driving the stolen Audi that night then left. They say they are looking for that person and urge that suspect to turn themselves in.

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