Aaron Rodgers talks about longevity with the Packers

In an interview with the NFL, Aaron Rodgers said he sees himself in the NFL for a long time.

NFL posted the interview on their twitter account Friday afternoon. You can view the whole interview below.

Rodgers said he is, "On the back nine of his career, but is just starting the back nine."

He also talked about getting to learn behind Brett Favre for three years before becoming a starter and how he takes fitness and diet seriously.

Rodgers said that when he was a young player he thought that spending five, eight or ten years in the league would be amazing. Now he says the longevity is tied to being a Packer, "I'd like to finish my career in Green Bay."

"I'd like to get us [Packers] another 7, 8, 9 or 10 years together and hopefully win a few more championships," said Rodgers.

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