9 electric buses prepare to roll out in Racine

NOW: 9 electric buses prepare to roll out in Racine

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Nine electric buses are about to roll out in Racine. The buses will launch in late April and provide a brand new experience for riders and drivers alike. 

CBS 58 spoke with Trevor Jung, Transit Manager for the City of Racine about the new technology. 

"Instead of diesel powering the motion of the wheels, it's all battery," said Jung.

Justicia Balogun has been a bus driver in Racine for the last three years. She says there are a lot of perks to the new buses. 

"It drives like a Cadillac, it's smooth, you don't hear anything, you can barely feel the bumps," said Balogun.

The buses are a small fraction of a larger promise. 

"The mayor and the common council made a commitment to the environment through the Paris Climate Accord and so they signed on to say not only is this a national issue or climate issue but it’s a local issue."

The buses make up 25% of the city's fleet. This saves the city $60,000 in diesel costs alone. 

Costs saved with the help of $9 million in grants, allowing this dream to come to fruition. 

"We're doing something to help our community and who wouldn't want to help our community. It's what made me get into this job," said Balogun. "It's about improved sustainability, improved savings and better service." 

The buses take about six hours to charge fully. The city is currently exploring the use of solar polar to charge the buses. They will be out in service in late April. 

Jung told CBS 58 News there will be a fun surprise on social media for the community to look out for. 

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