9-1-1 Call Released Which Led to the Capture of Gun Store Thief Joseph Jakubowski

\"Hi! Can I talk to you a minute?\"

The call last week to dispatch certainly started pleasant.

Within minutes, the retired school therapist who wanted to report an unwelcome camper on his property realized he very could have stumbled upon a person who wasn't just having some bad luck.

It would turn out to be Joseph Jakubowski, who had been the subject of a ten day long manhunt after burglarizing a gun store in Janesville and making threats against public officials and schools.

\"But he said he's done things now that there's no going back,\" said Jeff Gorn of Muskego who noted that he had to drive out to the remote spot on top of a hill to find the stranger under a blue tarp. \"That's what he said. And that kind of threw me for a loop.\"

Gorn's instincts as a former school therapist immediately kicked in, especially when the man talked about his writings.

\"He said he made some threats,\" Gorn said in the newly released call. \"He said he sent out 25 letters and it had to do with telling the government what the things they were doing wrong. And how he was going to change it all.\"

Gorn said the man wanted him to take a letter.

But he refused, telling the dispatcher, \"I didn't want to get involved. I didn't take the letter. He was irritated. But I didn't want to go back to his little area.\"

The caller went to tell the dispatcher about the man's tattoos,  that he revealed he had trouble with the law and was 32 years old.

He wouldn't give his name.

He didn't have to.

By the next morning, tactical units moved in and arrested Jakubowski without incident.

Just hours earlier, a 9-1-1 dispatcher had told the tipster to trust his gut. The gut is always right.

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