82 additional charges filed against Shane Stanger, man accused of sexual acts on women and children

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Forty-six-year-old Shane Stanger, already charged with two counts of second degree sexual assault, is now charged with 82 more criminal offenses that could put him behind bars for life.

Stanger, of Burlington, is accused of committing heinous acts against women and children. 

Stanger will appear in court Thursday, May 6, on the additional 82 charges, which include second degree sexual assault, possession of child pornography, invasion of privacy, stalking, and more. If convicted, he faces up to 822 years behind bars. 

CBS 58 has been following the case closely. Stanger was arrested in April. 

The Racine County Sheriff's Office says a Wisconsin woman found videos of him assaulting her. The videos were on his computer. 

Authorities believe she was unconscious at the time of the assaults. 

Stanger is also accused of recording an assault of a 10-year-old girl. Investigators also say he recorded women and children showering and using the restroom. Court records show several videos were taken from inside an employee bathroom at a restaurant where STanger worked. 

The investigation took place in two states: Wisconsin and Iowa. 

CBS 58 is working to learn if additional charges will be filed in Iowa. 

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