7 murals complete in downtown Menomonee Falls

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Seven murals are now complete in the heart of downtown Menomonee Falls. Two more are set to be finished in the coming weeks.

The village makoever project was made possible by the Downtown Menomonee Falls Business Improvement District and Wallpapered City, LLC. 

According to a news release, the makeover project has been planned since before the crisis began in early Spring of 2020. When asked how COVID has affected their project, Felicia Reichard, Downtown BID Director responded, “We didn’t hibernate, we got ahead of it all. It gave people something to look forward to when they really didn’t know what was coming next.” Reichard notes a seventy-five percent increase in downtown foot traffic of visitors of all ages in response to new murals. As an open air viewing activity, visitors can travel to all seven murals on foot, as all are within walking distance in the downtown area.

“We believe that street art completely changes a place,” says Stacey Williams-Ng, director of Wallpapered City. “The murals become landmarks that people can identify with, and make their own memories with. It’s so much more than paint on a wall when an artist makes an original piece in a public place.”

Mural Locations:

  • N89 W16785 Appleton Ave. “Sweet Dreams” by Anat Ronen
  • N88 W16688 Main St. “Hunter’s Prayer” by Taylor Berman
  • N88 W16726 Appleton Ave. “Want For Nothing & Have it All” by Nova Czarnecki
  • N88w16624 Appleton Ave. “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams” by Fred Kaems
  • N88 W16712 Appleton Ave., Artists: Kathleen Murphy Willer, Liz Hoover, Madelyn Mascotti, Vivian Johnson

N88 W16712 Appleton Avenue now features a mural alley walkway located between two buildings. Café lights are planned for installation to extend hours of mural viewing.

The final mural install of 2020 will be located at N88W16683 Main Street by artist Adam Nilson.

More information can be found HERE

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