5-year old Racine boy on a mission to spread happiness

NOW: 5-year old Racine boy on a mission to spread happiness

(RACINE) At just 5-years-old, Victor Valencia is on a mission to spread smiles through good deeds.

“Victor’s always had a kind caring spirit ever since he was young,” his mother, Savannah Valencia, said.

When Victor was just a toddler, he was gifted a teddy bear from a police officer and since then Victor has wanted to repay the favor.

“I got this new teddy bear and I was so happy, so I thought I was going to do nice things too,” Victor said.

Alongside his mom, Victor participates in random acts of kindness throughout Racine. From dropping off cookies at a senior home, to fundraising for veterans, and donating quarters and detergent to a laundry mat, Victor has done it all. In order to raise money to fund his kindness ventures, Victor sells baked goods and toys at rummage sales.

“It’s wonderful because I like to see that he likes to do this,” Savannah said. “He’s very shy and timid, so this is one way that we could help hopefully overcome that shyness. Of course mom is right there, so its s a great bonding experience for us and it’s making memories because he talks about it later on.”

His mother captures Victor’s random acts of kindness adventures on social media, encouraging others to use the hastag #showusyoursmile so Victor can see his message spreading.

“Go and check out my page,” Victor said.

Their message is inspiring people all over the country.

“We get such a positive response to it,” Savannah said. “People actually message me and say wow he’s such an inspiration.”

Savannah could not be more proud of Victor and his kindness journey.

”It’s always important to push to be kind,” Savannah said. “We have so much bullying going on, it is very important to instill that in our kids because it’s only going to make them better adults.”

And for Victor, his reason for wanting to make others smile is simple.

“So they can smile and so they can do nice things for people too,” Victor said.

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