4 year-old terrier looking for a home

Sobaka a 4-year-old, 15-pound Terrier mix came to the United States when his family moved from Kazakhstan a few years ago. Due to a serious family illness, he was brought to the Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee Campus. 

Sobaka is an intelligent, eager, curious, affectionate pup. WHS has also discovered that he’s a door dasher, a cat chaser and at times, a very anxious little guy who possibly suffers from separation anxiety. Sobaka is also sensitive to being touched, especially around his neck and on his paws although he loves ear and chin scratches.

He’ll need a patient, committed guardian whose lifestyle provides him with the mental enrichment, exercise, structure and security that he needs to build his trust. Due to his personality quirks, WHS is looking for an adopter without young children, cats or other animals. 

He’d thrive best in a home without a lot of people coming and going, and ideally, with a fence or safe way to keep Sobaka from escaping. It’s likely that he’ll present some challenges at first, and he needs someone who is truly committed to letting Sobaka blossom in his own time, allowing patience, love, positive reinforcement and good humor to be the cornerstones of the relationship.  http://bit.ly/1TVXQjj

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