$3M Winning Lottery Ticket Bought at West Bend Gas Station

There was some luck in West Bend this weekend: someone bought a lottery ticket now worth $3 million.

Employees at Barton Citgo on Main Street got word right after Saturday night's Wisconsin Megabucks drawing. But after waiting all day on Sunday still no one has stepped forward to claim that prize.

Sue Lloid works the counter where one of the employees sold the ticket. It was in the front of her mind all shift. She stands right next to the Wisconsin Lottery computer where she's taped their notification about the jackpot.

"I didn't want the opener to come into...who knows what and she wouldn't know what to say or do," Lloid said.

"Yes, the excitement has been building up. Who is it. Is it one of our regular customers that come in all the time and buy lottery tickets? You know, it would be great if it was one of them," Lloid said.

Another winner showed up Sunday night: Patty Martin won $30 dollars.

"I wanted to know, was it right before me or right after that the ticket was bought. Because my numbers were pretty close to it," Martin said with a laugh.

"I definitely hope it stays around here and that it's someone I know...that's a very good friend of mine," Martin said, continuing to giggle.

Those Megabucks numbers are 02 10 23 36 39 49.

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