34,000 Flags Placed at Wood National Cemetery

Once again the generations have come together to remind us what Memorial Day is all about.

There were 34,000 flags placed at individual grave sites at Wood National Cemetery.

A massive task accomplished in just 2 and half-hours’ time because of the large number of volunteers who turned out from children to aging veterans.

Organizers know this is making an impact especially among the younger volunteers who "didn't" just go through the motions.

“They look at the headstones take a minute to read the marker. They can see the young ages that some of these veterans gave their lives for our country and they learn the history of what it means to be a veteran,” said Bill Janowski, Wood National Cemetery.

Busloads of kids arrived to continue this tradition at the sacred site located along National Avenue on the northwest corner on the campus of the Zablocki VA Medical Center.

Memorial Day is Monday May 30 and a special ceremony at the Wood National Cemetery begins at 9:30 with emcee Bill Schroeder of the Milwaukee Brewers.

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