33-Day-Old Infant Being Treated for Possible Child Abuse

A 33-day-old infant was treated this week at Children’s Hospital for possibly child abuse.

The child’s mother has been charged with physical abuse of a child and child neglect.

On Monday, the child was taken to Wheaton Franciscan Hospital in Racine but the severity of the injuries required the infant to be transported to Children’s Hospital.

The child had four fractures to the skull and bleeding on the brain.

The father told police they watch YouTube videos for parenting advice.

He told police that he played rough with baby sometimes and he would throw the infant up in the air and catch him.

According to the criminal complaint, he would play airplane and swing him around in the air.

In addition, he would bounce the baby on his knee, and one time the baby fell off and fell to the carpeted floor.

The father started getting watery eyes and said he would never hurt the baby.

In addition, the mother denied injuring the baby.

The Racine woman told police she was playing with the baby on Sunday night and noticed the baby’s head was not shaped as it normally is.

She contacted the hospital for advice by phone because she did not want another false alarm.

According to the criminal complaint, she told police she didn’t want to take her baby to the hospital for every little thing.

Racine Police was informed the child was taken to Wheaton Franciscan ER two week prior for damage to the frenulum.

The incident was never reported to police.

That type of injury is only caused by physical child abuse or a type of surgery, according to a doctor in the criminal complaint.

According to the mother, the baby had blood in his mouth and she took him to the hospital.

He said was injecting vitamin d underneath the baby’s tongue when the bleeding occurred.

The mother said she was in labor for 7-8 hours and then the baby became stuck for two hours so the doctors performed a C-section. 

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