30 Arrested for DUI in Milwaukee since St. Patrick's Day

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputies were out in force for St. Patrick's Day through the weekend to stop and arrest drunken drivers.

According to a release by the Sheriff's Department, 30 drunken drivers were arrested since St. Patrick's Day and 12 of the arrested are repeat offenders. 

Milwaukee residents Douglas Copher, 32-years-old, Brian Smith, 32-years-old, and Kevin Bailey, 27-years-old were arrested for their third DUI. Christopher Lovald, 36-years-old, of Oconomowoc, Jason Kaschak, 41-years-old, of Franklin, and Avis Eisendrath, 69-years-old, of Fox Point were also arrested for their third DUI.

Six people were arrested for their second offense. Milwaukee residents arrested for their second DUI were Vincent Cole, Curtis Brown and Larry Wilks. Nicole George of South Milwaukee, Misko Milicevic of Brown Deer, and Kimberly Lein of Greenfield were also arrested.

First-time offenders taken into custody were Milwaukee residents Deandre Barnes, age 26, Willie Johnson, age 33, Shavatis Owens, age 33, Jason Jobke, age 38, Corney Hodges, age 24, Britany Sledge, age 25, Madelyne Diedrich, age 22, David Redjinski, age 34, Javonte Sterling, age 23, and Reginald Boston, age 49; Daniel Villareal, age 24, and Robert Jones, age 28, both of St. Francis; Bryan Pulda, age 25, and Nelly Weeks, age 36, both of Franklin; Jessi Witt, age 29, of Cudahy; Jeffrey Brown, age 21, of Muskego; Daniel Gorecki, age 36, of Greenfield; and Christopher Foley, age 25, of West Allis.

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