29 Rabbits Found in Basement of Dilapidated Barn

In the Town of Saukville, 29 rabbits were found in the basement of a dilapidated barn on December 30.

It was reported that numerous rabbits were being housed in the basement of a dilapidated barn.

It was discovered that 29 rabbits were living in less than adequate conditions. One (1) rabbit was found deceased in its cage.

The Ozaukee branch of the Wisconsin Humane Society responded and removed all 29 rabbits.

The rabbits were examined by the Humane Society veterinarian.

The veterinarian's report indicated the rabbits were at an adequate weight.

Most of the rabbits had some sort of respiratory or general infection. The hair loss and scabs on the rabbits could indicate neglect.

No charges have been filed with the District Attorney's Office as the investigation is ongoing with the rabbit owners. Due to the ongoing investigation, the rabbit owners' names are not being released. 

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