250 people have warrants or suspensions lifted on Warrant Wednesday

NOW: 250 people have warrants or suspensions lifted on Warrant Wednesday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- On Wednesday, 250 people pre-registered to have their municipal warrants or driver's license suspensions lifted from their records without fear of being arrested. 

The municipal court just really wants to make the process easy and comfortable for people. The event was held at Greater New Birth Church on Milwaukee's north side with the hope that the location is easier for people to get to and that it's not as intimidating as walking into a courtroom. 

Any warrants or suspensions were lifted just by walking in the door, but everyone still has to pay the fine. After their last event in May, just over half have kept up payments with the courts, but that's an increase as a year ago, that number was less than half. 

Those that don't keep up with payments will have warrants re-issued, but the judge stresses they are flexible and want to help you clear them from your record. 

"One of the goals is to make it safer for everybody in the community. When you have warrants lifted, suspensions lifted, people tend not to engage in behavior that's dangerous for the community and for a police officer," said Milwaukee Municipal Court, Judge Valerie Hill.

The municipal court only does the events a few times a year but anyone can always get their municipal warrants or suspensions lifted at court and there still will be no risk of being arrested. 

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