'Unacceptable behavior': MPD officers resign after body camera video shows misconduct against suspect

NOW: ’Unacceptable behavior’: MPD officers resign after body camera video shows misconduct against suspect

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two more Milwaukee police officers have resigned after being accused of misconduct against a suspect.

According to MPD, a citizen tipped off the department about the officer's actions.

The June 30 incident was caught on police body camera.

The video shows then-officers Eric Ratzmann and Eric Fjeld responding to a strong-armed robbery call.

“Stop resisting! Give me your arm!”

“Put your hands behind your back!”

In the clip, one officer said the suspect took money from an older man.

Officers then go back and forth between arresting and releasing the suspect.

"I didn’t take sh*t," the suspect claimed.

“They saw you do it," an officer responded.

At times throughout the video, at least one officer is seen punching and hitting the suspect who is also accused of spitting on an officer.

“Don’t spit at me!” the officer said.

“F*ck you," replied the suspect.

Acting Chief Michael Brunson called the officers' behaviors both “disturbing” and “unacceptable.”

He denounced them in a roll call video addressed to members of the department, and stated in part:

"These are the types of incidents that bring disrepute to the Milwaukee Police Department. We can ill-afford to have this type of display of unacceptable behavior during this time or any time. And if anyone engages in this type of behavior that you will see displayed on this video, you will be separated from the Milwaukee Police Department. There is no place for individuals who treat people like this in our city."

MPD launched an internal investigation. Ratzmann and Fjeld resigned on August 5, before being fired.

Fjeld had been with the department since 2002, and Ratzmann since 2004.

“You better not talk sh*t about BLM (Black Lives Matter) over here," an officer said in the video.

MPD said both former-officers violated the department’s Code of Conduct core values of Competence, Courage and Integrity (Fjeld) and Competence and Respect (Ratzmann)

Brunson also called out the officers for not stopping each other as his department, and departments across the country, work to end police brutality.

In a statement, the Milwaukee Police Department wrote, "This is a pivotal time for our country and for our agency as we work to stop officer misconduct from occurring in our department. The Milwaukee Police Department is committed to working and engaging with our community to ensure that all of our neighborhoods are safe, vibrant and livable."

MPD has shared footage from the officers' body cameras. It can be viewed below:

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