2 injured in Toronto Recruiting Center Knife Attack

(CNN)[Breaking news update, published at 11 a.m. ET]

A man accused of slashing at least one Canadian military member with a knife at a Toronto recruiting center Monday allegedly said after the assault that "Allah told me to do this," Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders said Tuesday.

"'Allah told me to do this. Allah told me to come here and kill people,'" Saunders said, quoting suspect Ayanie Hassan Ali.

Ali, 27, is accused of injuring two Canadian military members -- slashing at least one with a knife -- at a recruitment center Monday afternoon in a federal building in Toronto, Saunders said.

Ali faces charges including one count of attempted murder, two counts of assault with a weapon and one count of aggravated assault, Saunders said. He is due in court at 2 p.m. ET Tuesday.

Despite what Ali is alleged to have said, investigators still are trying to determine whether the attack was terrorism-related, Saunders said.

"We're certainly looking into it," Saunders said. Investigators have no information that Ali was working with any other person or organization, Saunders said.

Ali was born in Montreal and has lived in Toronto since 2011, Saunders said.

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