17-year-old girl claims she was harassed by inmates cleaning at State Fair

A 17-year-old girl claims that two inmates cleaning at the State Fair harassed her.

The Wisconsin State Fair uses low-risk Huber inmates for overnight cleaning. A group of 26 inmates were assigned to clean to Coliseum from east to west and the guards were following the inmates as they cleaned.

During the cleaning a 17-year-old walked past the inmates. According to a release from State Fair Park Police, one or two inmates asked her what her name was and where she was going. Two inmates then walked a short distance behind her as the girl went into the women's restroom. The teen said she felt uncomfortable, but none of the inmates made physical contact with her.

A State Fair Park Public Safety Officer saw the girl walking from the barn and saw the inmates walking toward her, but could not hear what they were saying. The officer went into the restroom and escorted the girl back to the barn. The officer said no comments were made by the inmates as they walked back to the barn.

The inmates were working in House of Corrections clothing and not civilian clothes since it was a dirty job assignment. 

The House of Corrections is looking into which inmate or inmates asked the girl questions because it is a violation of their work assignment rules.

After investigating, the State Fair Park Police found no violation of any criminal law or administrative code.

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