'We have to stop:' 16-year-old fatally shot during road rage incident in Milwaukee

’We have to stop: ’ 16-year-old fatally shot during road rage incident in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal shooting near 6th and Walnut that left a 16-year-old dead. Police say it stemmed from a road rage incident, and that there have been five road rage related homicides from Jan. 1 to Sept. 20 of this this year so far, compared to two last year in the same period.

The shooting happened Saturday night, Sept. 19 around 9 pm. 

Milwaukee police say the teen was in a vehicle that was involved in a crash with another vehicle. The people inside of both cars got out and started arguing, when the suspects fired several shots-hitting the victim. He was shot in the chest.

CBS 58 spoke to the director of Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention, who said this is a heartbreaking incident and they’re calling on the community to work together to deescalate similar situations. 

"There is no program that can solve people making split-second decisions to shoot somebody in a car,” said Reggie Moore, the Director for the city of Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention. “That’s something that we have to look within ourselves and look at terms of each other and seeing each other’s humanity to say, you know what, this accident, this car can be replaced, this thing that was taken from me can be replaced, but a life can’t be replaced. We have to stop shooting.”

Milwaukee police are still looking for those unknown suspects. If you have any information available, MPD is asking you to contact them or Milwaukee Crimestoppers at 414-224-TIPS.

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