14-Year-Old Dies After Accident with a 15-Year-Old Driving on West Hampton

A freshman in high school won't make it to homecoming after a group of teens took their parent's car without permission, spun out of control, and hit a tree.

14-year-old Daquan Nichols died from his injuries. CBS 58's Sarah Barwacz spoke with a fellow student who was in the car during the crash.

Subtle reminders remain, of the accident Capriest Chambliss can barely stand thinking about.

Chambliss says, "When I see he couldn't get up, I kept saying my brother my brother wake my brother up and he wasn't responding."

Capriest's best friend Daquan Nichols was killed after their car hit a tree when they lost control in a snow storm. 

"Only thing I'd seen when he lost control was that tree. I knew it was going to come into our car."

Brittany Nichols, the victim's aunt says, "It was unfortunate that the impact hit hard on my nephew."

Daquan's aunt says the underage driver, just 15, took their parent's car without permission to visit some girls. She her family is living with the consequences of that mistake. And police say they plan to recommend charges against the underage driver for Daquan's death.

"He got good grades and was ready for homecoming next month and I know he wanted to go to college."

It's something Capriest Chambliss is struggling to wrap his mind around.

Chambliss says, "It really put a whole in my heart, I'm not going to be able to live with it."

They hope their story will remind other kids to not be reckless or drive without a license.

Brittany Nichols, the victim's aunt says, "If you don't know how to drive don't drive, obviously Daquan, Capriest, Will, and Justin, should be a perfect example to you." 

An example of loss they hope is never repeated.

The family is asking for burial donations. You can help the family by calling 262-327-0197 or by donating on Go Fund Me, under Daquan Nichols Cox. 

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