13-year-old Caledonia girl killed by driver

The Caledonia community is mourning the loss of a young 13-year-old girl who was hit and killed by a driver-now charged with two felonies.

Friends and family have been placing flowers for the young girl. Police say the driver was on Marijuana, xanax and Hennessy when he hit her.

Sara Dresen was going into 8th grade. Neighbors say she decided to go for a walk when the driver crossed the center line...hit the girl, a ditch, sign and light pole.

That driver, 34 year old Thomas Macemon is being charged with two felonies-vehicular homicide with use of controlled substance and homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle.

Police reports say the driver was on drugs and alcohol when he hit the girl. Police reports also say Macemon confessed to throwing a bottle of Hennessy out the window because he was scared.

A neighbor of Sara Dresen says he heard the accident down the block

 Barry Hauerwas, a neighbor says, \"I was devastated it was a shock we were up north and we just got home putting stuff away and we heard a loud noise and I thought something happened on the house went outside and looked a little while later my wife went out to water the flowers and the police were at the end of the road and had it blocked off.\"

 The drivers cash bond is set for $250,000.

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