11-year-old spends summer flipping houses, saving money for college

NOW: 11-year-old spends summer flipping houses, saving money for college

LA CROSSE, Wis. (CBS 58) – An 11-year-old girl from western Wisconsin has her own idea on how to build a nest egg for tuition.

Madison Bue spent the summer renovating a house in West Salem. With her grandpa lending a helping hand, she’s aiming for a do-it-yourself generated college fund.

“What I mean by helping me out is he would give me a loan of money and then after I sold this house, I would give him the money that he gave me back to him. Then I would get the rest of the profit and pay all the contractors that work for me and then use the rest of it for college,” says Bue.

Her grandfather has been in property development his entire life. With his guidance, Madison has turned to flipping houses and learned a lot about renovation and construction.

“I taught her to do several things. Like I said, the landscaping she took care of. She tore a lot of the flooring out that was in there and she just bulls into everything and she’s got a can do spirit,” said Cliff LeCleir, Madison’s grandpa.

They closed on the house in July and are now about 90% done, scraping out old tile floors was Madison’s favorite job. She said it isn’t all about the money. She had a great time with her grandpa learning a lot of lifetime skills.

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