11-Year-old speaks out after being shot

 \"Two dudes came in and started shooting and said, get the F down.\"

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">Those words still haunt 11-year-old Makayla Criss. Sunday night she was shot by two men sticking up  Sparkle Foods near Hopkins and Keefe. Makayla could play back every frightening moment.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"I got down and then I crawled on my hands, and I got up and start running, then I fell, then I got up again and I started running,” Makayla said.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">Soon after Makayla was shot. Brave, determined, she kept running, but when she stopped she noticed the blood.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"When I looked down at my pants, my pants had blood on it,\" she said.

Neighbors feel cornered, fed up with crime, but seemingly without options to fight back. Laviena Davis has been living on the North side for 39 years.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"It's scary because there are so many young people out here now carrying guns,\" Davis said.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">District five police reassured residents that they are out in force. A dozen showed up for a briefing, making their presence known, and searching for Makayla’s shooter. Officer Timothy Leitze says they are working nonstop.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"Every night my cops are out here...and they're doing the best they can to stop the right people, recover the guns, and make the neighborhood safe,” Leitze said.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">Makayla has faith they’l find them.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">\"They gone get caught...eventually,” she said.

10.0pt;font-family:\"Microsoft Sans Serif\",\"sans-serif\"\">Makayla’s injuries are minor, she was shot in her leg, she is expected to recover in a month.


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