10-month-old baby nearly drowns in Wisconsin Dells hotel bath tub

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. (WSAW) --- Lake Delton Police are investigating the near-drowning of a 10-month-old baby at The Delton Motel.

Police tell WMTV-TV they were called to the Delton Motel in the Wisconsin Dells around 8 p.m. Wednesday for the report of a baby who possibly drowned in a bathtub.

They performed CPR on the baby for 45 minutes before getting a heartbeat back.

The baby was taken to UW-Madison hospital. The baby's condition is unknown at this time.

Police said the mother left the 10-month-old baby, along with a 2-year-old child, unattended in the bathtub for an unknown amount of time. When she returned, she found the 10-month-old face down in the water.

She took the baby out of the water and immediately called 911.

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