"You can take the gifts away, but you can't take Christmas:" Racine Co. woman robbed

NOW: “You can take the gifts away, but you can’t take Christmas:“ Racine Co. woman robbed

RACINE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- A Racine County woman was robbed of her grandchildren's Christmas presents. Now, she's trying to make the best of her holiday.

The Village of Caledonia Police said a white male broke into her home Friday night with force. Police believe the suspect walked through a ditch behind the home so no one would see him. Officers found the packages ripped open and discarded in the ditch.

The homeowner, Sue, said the man smashed her window open. He took jewelry, personal items and Christmas gifts for her grandchildren.

"We walked in and the dining room window was just busted out," Sue said.

For Sue she's shocked something like this would happen in her quiet neighborhood.

"It was a toy. It was a gift for a child and it was ruined by him," Sue said.

But Sue said she won't let anyone destroy her family's holiday.

"You can take the gifts away, but you can't take Christmas," Sue said.

The Milwaukee Police Department advises residents to:

- Keep doors and windows closed and locked at all times.

- Put a pin or screw above first floor windows, which could prevent the windows from being forced open

- Set lights on timers, leave a radio or TV on, and turn on porch lights. That will make it look like someone is home.

Milwaukee Police also advise residents to completely break down boxes. They say burglars drive through alleyways looking for homes that may have new TVs or other expensive electronics. They also suggest updating inventory in your home. Write down the model numbers, serial numbers and brand names of your electronics so you have it, if needed.

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