Wrongly convicted Milwaukee man back in prison

NOW: Wrongly convicted Milwaukee man back in prison

MILWAUKEE -- A man is back behind bars after being cleared of a crime in 2016.

In court on Wednesday, a judge set a new bail after ruling Daryl Holloway violated the conditions of his release following a home invasion.

Last year, Holloway was released from prison after more than 20 years when DNA evidence cleared him of a sexual assault. In August 2017, he was charged in a home invasion.

“Certainly sympathy could be given due to the fact that he spent so much time in jail and times change, things like that, but it’s not a free pass to the things he’s been accused of since then,” Home invasion victim Rebecca Doberstein said.

Holloway was already a registered sex offender for a crime several years before the wrongful conviction case. CBS 58 has learned attorneys may be working on a plea deal.

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