"Wonderland of Lights" brightens the path for some festive fun at Racine Zoo

NOW: “Wonderland of Lights“ brightens the path for some festive fun at Racine Zoo

RACINE (CBS 58)--It’s a half mile path of enchanted holiday displays, set up in a safe manner, at the Racine Zoo for the first time ever. “Wonderland of Lights” is a drive thru experience where you can take in all the festive sights and sounds of this time of year. One big feature includes a 96-foot tunnel featuring dynamic Yyuletide designs. Organizers says this event is a good way to keep the spirit of the season alive while in the midst of a pandemic.

The zoo's executive director, Beth Heidorn, says a good way to take everything in is to turn your car radio to 97.7 on the FM dial and get a little holiday music to go with the viewing. She says you're not going more than 3 mph, so you shouldn't miss a thing.

“Wonderland of Lights” takes place Wednesdays through Sundays between 5 & 9 pm through the first weekend of January 2021. It’s $5 per person. Again, .it’s a “stay in your car” experience at the Racine Zoo. You’re also not required to wear masks.  Click here to see all the information about this event.  There's also a "Brunch with Santa on the Go" happening Saturday, December 5th.  You're asked to preregister at least a few days beforehand by going here.

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