Women Build Week kicks off in Waukesha County

NOW: Women Build Week kicks off in Waukesha County

The sounds of hammers could be heard Tuesday morning along White Rock Avenue.

That's where Habitat for Humanity volunteers are working on the construction of two 2-story homes.

This week, if you pass the site, you'll likely see more women than men helping put the home together.

That's because it's National Women Build Week. An event that was created in 2008 to empower women to advocate for affordable housing and spotlight the home ownership challenges many people face.

Diane McGeen, Executive Director Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County, says that's still what it does today.  But it also does so much more.

“These are not skilled contractors, but these are women who want to help other families get a house of their own. So they are here, they are learning new skills as they are building houses. It’s really an exciting thing, it’s empowering for women to know they can help build a house," McGeen said.

Over the next week more than 100 volunteers from various organizations will help construct the outer walls and floors on the two homes.

Tuesday, employees from Waterstone Bank picked up the hammer.

“It’s a great feeling to know that a family has been able to put down roots and have a home of their own and to know that we were part of that, it’s just makes it that much more special,” said Shannon Loper, a volunteer from Waterstone Bank.

Loper and other employees have helped build homes over the past 3 years and says it's certainly is a special experience to be apart of. 

By the end of the week, the volunteers should be working on the flooring of the second story of the homes. 

Construction should be complete in November when the selected families, who have not been chosen yet, can move in.

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