Woman's surveillance camera catches suspect trying to break into her home

Wearing a dark colored hat and sweatshirt, a man approaches a home on the Milwaukee's south side.

Witnesses told police he and another man tried to get inside, but were scared away, though not by the security cameras.

"He didn't look at it once," said Elizabeth, the victim. "He didn't know it was there and now he's all over social media for it."

For safety reasons, CBS 58 spoke to the victim Elizabeth by phone. Her post on Facebook to find who the culprit is has been shared nearly 200 times.

"I will saturate the internet with this punk's photo," she said.

Elizabeth took action to protect her home last week, after someone broke in through a window, stealing her son's PlayStation and some jewelry.

"[The suspect] went into my bedroom, went through my personal undergarments, laid them out, made them kind of known he was in my room," she said.

The mother has kept her kids out of the home ever since, the violation of privacy shaking up what she calls a safe, quiet neighborhood.

She said the false sense of security left her vulnerable, but it will never happen again.

"Somebody, somewhere knows who this person is and hopefully he sees it and he knows, 'I messed with the wrong girl,'" she said.

Milwaukee police are investigating if the two break-ins are related. If you know the man in the surveillance photo, please call MPD.

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