Woman's food share benefits restored after costly mistake by state government

A local agency is trying fix a big mistake by the state government that significantly cut food stamp benefits for those living in subsidized housing.

The 2014 farm bill changed how much food assistance those eligible could get under the state's Heat and Eat program.

As a result, many recipients in Wisconsin had benefits cut by an average of $90 a month.

One of those people is Bonnie Braden.

In July, she had to abruptly adjust to living off of $15 dollars a month for food, compared to her normal $80.

However, because Braden lives in subsidized housing, the new law doesn't apply to her or others seniors, disabled people or families who also do across the state.

With help from the Hunger Task Force, Braden got her benefits restored during a visit to the Robles Self Service center, located at 910 W. Mitchell in Milwaukee.

She will also receive nearly $300 in back benefits.

Braden will get her assistance in three days. At that time, she'll be able to buy the healthy food she needs and use her other limited income buy new shoes.

The ones she has been wearing have holes in them.

\"I'm back to myself again. I'm very happy,\" she said. \"It's like a dream come true. They picked me out and said, 'you'll get them back Bonnie,' and I said, 'wow thank you.'\"

If you or someone you know lives in subsidized housing and had benefits cut after April 28th, they are urged to call (888) 947-6583 to get their case reviewed immediately.

The number will connect those in need with someone at the Robles Center.

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