Woman throws cat out of car at Humane Society; arrested for disorderly conduct

After being told there was a fee to euthanize a cat, a Slinger woman threw her cat out of her car window at the Washington County Humane Society.

The 58 year-old woman came to the Humane Society in an attempt to have her mother's cat put down. She adopted the cat from the Humane Society five years ago.

Upon hearing that there was fees associated with this procedure, she became disorderly inside the lobby with a worker.  

The supervisor then tried to intervene and calm the subject down. The suspect then got into a physical altercation in the parking lot with the supervisor. 

The suspect pushed the Humane Society supervisor to the ground which was witnessed by several Humane Society employees.  

The supervisor advised she suffered some pain as a result of falling after being pushed, but she did not want to pursue battery charges.  The suspect then tossed the cat, which was in a crate, out of the car and left.  The suspect was located arrested for disorderly conduct and then transported to the jail were she posted bond at 6:45 p.m. 

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