Woman tased during mugging in Walker's Point neighborhood

NOW: Woman tased during mugging in Walker’s Point neighborhood


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee woman is speaking out after a violent mugging. 

"When I came around the corner, there was someone coming, so I just say hey, and he said give me your bag."

She says a man tased her and then stole her bag. 

"I kinda saw the red light, like a medium-sized flashlight," she said.

The mugging happened Tuesday night in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood. 

She says at first she resisted and told the man to go away, then a struggle ensued.

"I think my mind went to the fact that I had just bought a new phone, and I didn't even make a payment on it yet," she said. "I was noisy, I was loud, I was yelling, I was cussing."

The man tased the woman in her stomach. He got away with her bag, but she found her phone about a block away.

Police are still investigating.

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