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Woman talks about why she jumped on her car when thief got behind the wheel

The video of her on the hood of her car trying to stop a thief is incredible.

Melissa Smith says her instincts just kicked in.

"My first reaction was this really isn't going to happen to me today," Smith told "Inside Edition" seen on WMLW "The M" in Milwaukee. "I had an extreme adrenaline rush and that's when I decided to jump on my car."

It happened Tuesday as she was filling up the tank near Plankinton and St. Paul.

She used her windshield wipers to hold on as the thief tried stopping, then starting, then turning to throw her off.

She says she wasn't thinking of the danger, only that her actions were gaining the attention of others who she hoped would help.

As for thief?

"He was laughing at me which really didn't sit well with me. More fire came from him laughing at me. That's when I decided I wouldn't let go and he had zero remorse for what he was doing."

But she got the last laugh because the thief bailed on the car and made his getaway with some accomplices.

Melissa did lose her purse and phone.

She can't recommend this for other people, but she also says she didn't want to be a victim.

Would she do it again?

She can't say.

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