Woman Sues Hospital, Saying it Flushed Her Miscarried Baby

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (CBS NEWS)-- A woman is suing a Florida hospital, saying an employee flushed the remains of her miscarried child down the toilet.

Linda Gomez filed suit last week against Wellington Regional Medical Center in the southern city of Wellington. Her attorney, Kennan Dandar, said Tuesday that she went to the hospital because she was experiencing bleeding 19 weeks into her pregnancy.

Dandar said that while waiting for a doctor, Gomez went into the bathroom and miscarried. She cut the umbilical cord after being unable to summon help.

CBS affiliate WPEC reports that the complaint says when an employee came in and saw the baby in the toilet, the employee flushed it. Gomez says as she screamed for the employee to stop, she could see the face of her child as it was flushed.

The suit claims she was then sent back to the waiting room.

Dandar says Gomez asked hospital officials to retrieve the baby so she could give the child a Christian burial, but they refused.

Hospital officials said a statement will be released later Tuesday.

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