Woman says she was attacked, threatened by employees at Wally's Pub

NOW: Woman says she was attacked, threatened by employees at Wally’s Pub

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee bar owner is apologizing for a disturbing incident. A woman says she was attacked and threatened at Wally's on W. Lisbon Avenue. 

The victim's mother says her daughter was getting gas nearby, and had to use the bathroom. It was out of service, so the worker told her to go to the nearby bar.

The woman's restroom was occupied, so the victim used the men's room. That's when she claims a bar employee barged in and attacked her.

"Told her she didn't belong here, attacked her, tried to choke her," said Linda Hammer, the victim's mother. "All kinds of racial slurs to her. They were very mean. She had to grab a Lysol can and kind of try and defend herself."

The woman asked a bartender for help and says he threatened her with a taser. 

The victim's mother says the attack was caught on camera. Both employees were cited by police. 

The owner says one of the men was fired. "I'm just very sorry," the owner said. "He's not allowed in here."

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