Woman Punches 83-Year-Old in Head Attempts to Steal Purse; But Victim Fights Back

An 83-year-old woman punched a woman in the face that allegedly tried to steal her purse and punch her.

The woman allegedly told a responding officers Sunday afternoon that she is feisty and tough, and she was not about to let a would-be strong-armed robber get her purse.

According to Madison Police, She had just finished shopping at the Hy-Vee in Madison when a woman with two-tone blonde and black hair came up from behind.

The stranger punched the older woman in the head and grabbed a hold of her purse strap.

The two grappled for control with the octogenarian delivering a punch of her own to the victim's face.

Several shoppers came to the victim's aid while also chasing the criminal away. The victim who kept her purse suffered a couple of wrist cuts, from the suspect digging in her nails, and she was beginning to develop a knot on her head as she spoke with police.

The MPD, utilizing surveillance images, has identified a suspect. She remains at large.

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