Woman gets family kicked off plane after snooping husband's phone and discovering he was cheating

(CBS News) -- Indian media say a woman got her entire family booted off a flight from Doha to Bali, Indonesia this week after discovering her husband was cheating on her by snooping in his phone as he slept, and then flying into a rage.

On November 5, Qatar Airways flight QR-962 to Bali was diverted to Chennai, India, according to Indian officials, and the Iranian lady, along with her husband and a child, were removed from the plane.

The Central Industrial Security Force, a paramilitary force in charge of security at India's airports, confirmed to CBS News that the woman's "unruly" behavior, with both her husband and members of the flight crew, led to their removal.

The official told CBS News the family was sent to Kuala Lumpur on another airline for further travel to back to Doha. It was not clear whether the Iranian family live in Doha, or merely used that airport as a departure point for their intended trip to Bali.

The Times of India, along with other Indian media, quoted anonymous officials as saying the woman was intoxicated when she lashed out on the plane, but the spokesman for the airport security force told CBS News he could not confirm that detail.

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