Woman Chases Armed Ex-boyfriend with a Battle Ax

(CHANNEL 3000) An armed man who had cornered his ex-girlfriend at her Baraboo home last month said she chased him off with a battle ax, according to a court document.

A criminal complaint filed in Sauk County Friday said 24-year-old Alexander A. Raymond faces multiple charges, including false imprisonment and domestic abuse in connection with an incident at a Mill Street house June 20.

According to the complaint, the Baraboo woman had received multiple text messages from Raymond that night, including saying, “hope you sleep well tonight because I’m sure you won’t wake up,” and “good thing you believe in reincarnation, see you in the next life.”

The woman told police that shortly after she walked home at 1:05 a.m., she saw Raymond standing in her yard. She told him to leave, but a short time later, she saw him in the house in her kitchen, armed with a handgun and a knife, the complaint said. He was holding the knife out toward the woman.

She told police Raymond told her he didn’t plan to leave alive. She tried to get up from the couch, but Raymond pointed the handgun at her and told her to sit.

At one point, Raymond threw the gun onto the floor, when the woman picked it up, she realized it was fake. She called 911.

The complaint said she tried to get Raymond to leave the knife and the gun as he was walking out, and he pushed her out of the way, causing her to fall.

According to the complaint, Raymond told police he went to the house to confront his ex-girlfriend about their breakup six months ago and admitted he’d been drinking that night. He said he had the fake gun and knife to scare her into talking to him. Raymond also reportedly said he wanted to use the fake gun to commit suicide by cop.

He also told police he entered the house without consent through the window in the kitchen. The complaint also said Raymond told police the woman grabbed a nearby battle ax and chased him out of the house.

Raymond is facing charges including burglary with intent to commit battery on a person, false imprisonment with a domestic abuse enhancer, misdemeanor battery with a domestic abuse enhancer and disorderly conduct with a domestic abuse enhancer. 

A pre-trial conference is scheduled July 29.

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