Woman involved in highway standoff allegedly threatened deputy with IV pole

NOW: Woman involved in highway standoff allegedly threatened deputy with IV pole


WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Charges are filed against one of the two people at the center of a chase, standoff, and two officer-involved shootings that shut down an interstate in Waukesha County for hours on Tuesday. 

Kalin Sunde is accused of attempting to escape the hospital, threatening law enforcement with an IV pole and trying to leave through the window. 

Her attorney says what happened to her during the highway standoff left her traumatized. 

Sunde appeared in Waukesha County court on Friday and is now charged with bail jumping.

"In my mind, she's still a victim," Ben Van Severen, Sunde's attorney said. 

Severen is referring to video Sunde posted of an incident that started with a police chase and ended with her as a hostage, prompting a SWAT team to intervene and shut down the area of I-94 and Highway 67 for hours. 

"It was a very traumatic situation for her. In that 40-plus minute video that she posted, it appears that she was threatened multiple times with a gun and I think she legitimately feared for her life," Severen said. 

According to the criminal complaint, after she was taken to the hospital, Sunde told a Sheriff's deputy guarding her "open the window, I'm not going to jail."

When the deputy moved closer, she "lifted the IV pole like it was a bat and said 'just shoot me, I'm not going to jail.'"

"We don't know if she was under medication. Again, it's a traumatic incident when someone is threatening to kill you. What was going through her mind, I can't speak to that," said Severen. 

The District Attorney's Office is still working on felony charges from the actual incident on the highway. 

Witnesses at the scene say they want both suspects to be held responsible. 

"Hopefully justice is served for the behavior that was going on here in Oconomowoc. It really scared a lot of people," witness Megan Snyder said. 

Attorneys said Friday they expect to get several of those felony charges for the highway SWAT standoff on Monday. 

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