Wisconsin woman attends State of the Union as advocate for MS

NOW: Wisconsin woman attends State of the Union as advocate for MS

For 23 years, Webster Wisconsin's Diane Whitcraft took the same medication to manage her MS, but in 2017 it became too expensive to afford.

"That's when I became an MS activist," Whitcraft said. "Because no one should have to pay that kind of money to live their best life."

Whitcraft will watch the State of the Union Address from the Capitol as Sen Tammy Baldwin's guest.

Baldwin says prescription drug costs are a major problem for Wisconsinites.

"They're facing the same sort of awful choice that Dianne made."

She says it's an area Washington is failing to address.

"Not standing up to these pharmaceutical companies," Baldwin said.

UWM Professor Mordecai Lee says President Trump is unlikely to mention healthcare tonight, but does expect Foxconn to come up because of recent news.

"In this speech he can boast that Foxconn was sort of softening his commitment to what he was going to do in Wisconsin, but I personally talked to the CEO, and now they've reconfirmed that they're going to do it."

Trump is expected to talk about the border wall tonight, but Lee says almost all of these speeches have something unexpected.

"It has to have a surprise in it because there has to be a headline."

This is Trump's second State of the Union Address, but the first with Democrats in control of the House of Representatives.

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