Wisconsin truck drivers call late season snow, ice 'March madness'

NOW: Wisconsin truck drivers call late season snow, ice ’March madness’

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Monday night continued to be cold, snowy and windy in many parts of our viewing area. People all over Racine County were not liking this late season snow.

Wisconsin truck drivers are calling this March madness.

“It’s bad, it’s slippery ice. And in this truck if you have a load you’ll be okay, but if you’re empty, you got to go real slow,” said David Perez, from Milwaukee.

Snow hit the Racine County area hard, blanketing grass and trees and coating streets with a slushy mess.

“Well I like the weather, but I thought the snow was over,” said Perez.

The storm is just days after last week’s big thaw melted what was left of winter.

“That’s okay. We’ll get spring again. It’ll be right around the corner,” said Scott Larson, of Kansasville.

The lakefront off Third Avenue was a beautiful site Monday night, with powerful icy waves pounding the shore.

At Ace Hardware, the manager tells us this winter saw great demand for one thing in particular.

“Ice dams were big this year. We went through more roof rakes than ever before,” said D.J. Klingbiel.

With winter items stacked alongside stuff for spring, he’s personally looking forward to warmer days ahead.

“I personally hate it. I’m a summer kind of guy and look forward to having it again,” said Klingbiel.

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