Wisconsin taxpayers to benefit from New Berlin lottery win

NOW: Wisconsin taxpayers to benefit from New Berlin lottery win

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- You may not have won the Powerball jackpot, but you still may benefit from the ticket being bought in Wisconsin. 

Homeowners in Wisconsin just got a grand slam. There's one person in Wisconsin who gets to enjoy the $768.4M jackpot, but since the ticket was bought in the state, all Wisconsinites will get to reap the benefits in some way. 

"Even if you did not buy the winning Powerball ticket, but you're simply a homeowner in Wisconsin, maybe you're sitting back last night watching the draw, well your property tax relief just got a little bit bigger," said Peter Barca, Secretary-designee for the Department of Revenue. 

The Department of Revenue estimates that the state will get a cut of about $36.4 million from the lottery ticket sales. That money goes to property tax relief in the form of the lottery and gaming credit. You do need to take some steps if you want in on the property tax relief. 

Go to the Department of Revenue website, fill out a form for the lottery and gaming tax credit, and return it to your county treasurer. 

"We think it will fit nicely into the budget. The governor has a lot of property tax relief built in, so we're excited," says Barca. 

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