Wisconsin State Fair inspects rides daily, new security cameras

The Wisconsin State Fair starts Thursday (Aug. 6) and inspectors have checked and re-checked the rides to make sure everyone is safe. Joe Bixley is an independent ride safety contractor that arrived seven days before opening day.

\"Make sure all the latches, all the components that go up and down are in working order,\" he said.

Bixley has been at the fair every day since the rides arrived, overseeing the rides being built, and staying to inspect it every day.

\"We just monitor it through the whole thing,” he said. “If someone slips, falls or trips we come take a look at it to see why and try to make sure we prevent it from happening again.\"

Bixley said fair-goers should also do their own inspection.

\"Just don't hop on a ride, step back, watch it run, make sure it's something you want or that your children might want to ride, read the safety sign, make sure the safety sign is applicable to you, that you are the proper height, weight and enjoy the ride.\"

The state fair has its own police force, which worked with the Milwaukee and West Allis Police Departments. Kristi Chuckle, communications manager, said they also bought 24 new surveillance cameras. With the added cameras, the total comes to 200 cameras on the grounds.

“All of those cameras feed into our central command post that we have at the fair park,\" Chuckle said. “A lot of them have 4 camera angles that are more of a panoramic view so if they are on the side of a building perhaps on a street or like here at the gate they can see the entire panoramic view of the gate area.”

Fair-goers will have to also go through security and get their bags checked.

There’s a list of items people can’t bring.

“We don't allow weapons and alcohol and there's a whole list of things at wistatefair.com if people have questions about that,” Chuckle said. 

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