Wisconsin State Fair celebrates 25th anniversary of meat products auction

Dairy is celebrated in Wisconsin, but Tuesday night at the Wisconsin State Fair, it was meat that reigned supreme.

Everything from award winning bacon, ham, summer sausage, smoked beef and snacks were up for grabs during the meat products auction. Of course, all the products are made by Wisconsin meat processors.

Co-chair John Brunnquell said some of the products can sell for more than $10,000. Bidders can keep their product or donate it to the Hunger Task Force.

All the money raised supports the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation, a program that has changed over the years.

"It was classically cows and cooking, was the old tradition. Now, we do things like STEM, science, technology, engineering and math," Brunnquell said. "And we have 350,000 kids in the state. They go from 8-18 years old and it's really to develop future leaders of the industry."

Governor Scott Walker was also on hand to celebrate the 25th anniversary of meat products auction. He said the meat industry helps fuel the state's $88 billion agriculture industry.

Organizers hoped to raise $175,000.

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