Wisconsin Presidential Recount Begins December 1

The presidential vote recount begins Thursday morning at 9. Each ballot cast in Wisconsin will be tabulated for a second time.

Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein requested the recount and paid over $3.5 million.

Some counties such as Kenosha and Dane Counties will count by hand, Milwaukee County will likely use counting machines. Clerks from Wisconsin's 72 counties were given one last round of instructions from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Wednesday, more than 400,000 Milwaukee county ballots were taken to a warehouse for the recount. They are now under 24 hour surveillance by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office.

About 130 people will begin the recount in Milwaukee County, where more than 440,000 ballots need to be counted again.

"We don't have really any concerns. We are excited about this, and I know that our staff is ready for it, and we have contacted all of our municipal clerk's and they have their staff all ready for it, and we accept the challenge," says Julietta Henry the director of Elections, Milwaukee County.

Many of the recounts, including Milwaukee's, will be open to the public.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission will post an updated recount tally every night on its website.

Wisconsin Republicans insist that the only ones benefiting from Jill Stein's push for a recount are Hillary Clinton and Wisconsin Democrats.

The GOP filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, claiming illegal coordination between the Clinton and Stein Campaigns.

Stein re-stating on national television on Wednesday that she's trying to ensure the integrity of the election process.

"Throughout the election, I was asked will you stand up and will you call for a recount and jump through the hoops that it takes if there's doubts about the vote,: explained Stein. "I always said yes. I will do that for the sake of our voters, for the sake of a voting system that we can believe in."

Stein says certain electronic voting machines are "tamper friendly" and she denied the Trump Camp's claims that this is just a ploy for the Green Party to get money.

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